Portal Cake

Something I made on the weekend. Fun and Delicious~
It was very difficult to get the chocolate bits to stick to the sides. XD

Uh-oh Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they cut it anyway. There's still some left, if you hurry back.

I lied. We ate all the cake. :B

I kind of went on a bit of an online shopping spree before schools starts, and got a couple things to share! 8D
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I have one last thing that I'm hoping will get here within the next week, since I move into residence at school in September. ;n;

In other news;

Red ring of death. My Xbox is toast. xD This is actually the third time this has happened, the first two times it was under warranty so we sent it back to Microsoft and they sent us a new one. Looks like we're going to have to get a replacement ourselves this time. 8I Now to decide whether to get one of the old models for cheap that our hard drive and my wonderful Eternal Sonata Chopin cover are compatible with. |D Or get one of the newer models with built in Wi-Fi and should be less likely to fail like this. I couldn't put Chopin back on it though. 8'I
Well, at least I don't have any games I really want to play on it at the moment. Maybe some sort of bundle will come out around the holidays. o3o

Got home to both my Zelda CD and the messenger bag I order from Club Nintendo in the mailbox! I wasn't expecting the CD so soon. o3o
Looks like I'm going to have to do some renaming though, not all, but most of the songs, composers, and contributing artists on the CD come up in Japanese(or boxes) on my computer. xD

-dances to Zelda music-

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I haven't posted here for awhile!
But last I was here I was going on about Pokemon toys from McDonalds, so here's what I managed to get!

Zekrom was the first I got, which was kind of amazing since I wanted him the most. <3 Then I got Oshawott(isthisidonteven) the second time, and the third time the clerk came back with both Snivy and Zorua and asked which I'd prefer.. to which I obviously replied 'both'. |D;; They're very cheap toys(as was expected) but I love them so much. Zorua is the best at jumping. I think his record is about 2mm. BEST.

I also can't stop listening to the Xenoblade OST. So I'm going to attempt to be an honourable person and order the CD from Play-Asia, I just have to wait for my account to connect to my new Pay pal. :> THEN I WILL HAVE FULL INTERNET BUYING POWER. Omg. This is not good. So many thinggss to buy... Like Giratina! And Chombies! And Shroomish!
Ahahah, the horrors of being 18.

I made a new email and it seems I've taken someone else's old email. I keep getting messages from Second Life. So whoever had this email before, your tier land payment is due, as of yesterday. Which was a few days ago.

Nintendo also says they've shipped out my Zelda CD. (which I never updated my last journal about. The error was not Google Chrome's fault and many people weren't getting the CD popup. Nintendo was pretty good at acknowledging the error and finding a solution too. So my brother and I should both get the CD!) I'm really excited for it! :D

Portal Portal Portal
I do this thing where I forget to charge my camera, and then when I go to use my camera, it has no charge. There might be a correlation.

About a week ago I got some very cool Aperture Science attire from the Valve store in the mail! A very very big thank you goes to Shiny_Vulpix for being amazing and middleing the order for me! I probably wouldn't have been able to get them with out your help! :D
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Lol Hayy

I like using my Pokemon figures to practice taking close-up pictures with my camera and yesterday I was rummaging through a bunch of pictures I had dumped on my iPod and I found this very derpy Giratina. And laughed. |D
I might actually dump some pictures to my LJ. I like photography, but my photos are all very amateur so I don't like to put them on art sites. xD So I'll probably do something like that in the future, I just need to pick out a bunch to resize.

I'm also waiting for Nintendo to put up the 3DS update, which is pretty exciting. E3 is tomorrow too, so I'm hoping for some interesting news from Nintendo. :D

Also, this Tales PS3. ;u; Tales of Xillia PS3

Portal 2 OST
Woah, I just found this Portal 2 OST after going through Youtube the other day trying to get Portal 2 music for my iPod and then realizing I was too lazy. This is wonderful, now I just have to keep checking back for the other two parts. :D

And now I have posted twice in one day.

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Portal and Pokemon
So upon beating Portal 2 in Cooperative mode I have decided that I want my own personal dancing Atlas and P-body. They could play this while they are dancing, and it would be great.

I also heard that McDonalds will be getting Pokemon toys. Which means I might have to actually go there, and order a Happy Meal. One part of me would be embarrassed being 18 and ordering a Happy Meal, but the more prominent part of me would be 'POKEMON AND APPLE SEGMENTS!! 8DDD' I really want to see what the toys look like though.
And I was at Toys R Us a few days ago and found both a Zekrom and Raikou figure that I couldn't help picking up. (Now to figure out how to post pictures.. )
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Fun Fact
I am THE BEST at random Wi-Fi battles in Pokemon White. I think my rating is eventually going to end up in the negatives. |D Though I have won 2 battles out of..a few, one person quit on me after I won. But Bill, the guy who didn't quit, he's a good guy. I like Bill.

Also, it's really terrifying finding one of those house centipedes in the shower. Those things scare me, a lot. Ahdhskahdjskal ;-;

Now I'm going to go keep losing at random Wi-Fi battles. Which I still find fun even though I do lose most of the time. |D

 I'm still thinking about what I could use this for.  I suppose the best thing would be for random shenanigans!  Or just what ever comes to my mind at the moment.  

So for much of today I've just had this (http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/labyrinth/) website open and have been listening to the music for many many hours.  I just stumbled upon it, and know nothing about the game.  But it looks and sounds like a 3DS game I'm probably going to want.  Hoping for more information soon. 8D 
Speaking of that, I'm really excited for E3.  There are many games I'm hoping for more info on. |D 


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