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I do this thing where I forget to charge my camera, and then when I go to use my camera, it has no charge. There might be a correlation.

About a week ago I got some very cool Aperture Science attire from the Valve store in the mail! A very very big thank you goes to Shiny_Vulpix for being amazing and middleing the order for me! I probably wouldn't have been able to get them with out your help! :D

I am terrible at find good places with lots of lighting to take pictures of things like this. But there's the jacket and tank top I got! I love them both so much. <3 I wasn't sure about the sizing on the jacket so it's about a size too big, but oh man it is so comfortable. ;u;

Aperture Logo on the back!

Closer up of Aperture logo embroidery on the front. C:

Portal device embroidery on the sleeve. It's so cute. ;v;

These seriously make me wish that cartoon logic applied to real life. Then I could wear them everyday forever, no problem at all. They're both so lovely I'm going to be paranoid about anything happening to them. xD

I also love this 3D pokedex, SHINPORA EVERYWHERE. It will be beautiful.

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XD I don't have any sense of direction either. I get lost in malls a lot. |D;

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