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Portal 2 OST
Woah, I just found this Portal 2 OST after going through Youtube the other day trying to get Portal 2 music for my iPod and then realizing I was too lazy. This is wonderful, now I just have to keep checking back for the other two parts. :D

And now I have posted twice in one day.

So I've been listening to this soundtrack a lot since I posted it and have noticed that both tracks Hard Sunshine and Love as a Construct have the same tune as the turret choir at the end of the game. There is really no reasoning behind my pointing that out, other than I thought it was neat. 8I /end edit.

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I love the turret opera tune and how it's thrown in a couple different places *u* I thiiink if you listen closely you can hear a few bits of it on the menu page after you watch the credits, with Wheatley floating around. Cute ;u;

Eep, I just had to go look up the music that's on the Wheatley menu page, I totally missed that after watching the credits. O: I love the turret opera, the tune is so catchy. x)

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