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Lol Hayy

I like using my Pokemon figures to practice taking close-up pictures with my camera and yesterday I was rummaging through a bunch of pictures I had dumped on my iPod and I found this very derpy Giratina. And laughed. |D
I might actually dump some pictures to my LJ. I like photography, but my photos are all very amateur so I don't like to put them on art sites. xD So I'll probably do something like that in the future, I just need to pick out a bunch to resize.

I'm also waiting for Nintendo to put up the 3DS update, which is pretty exciting. E3 is tomorrow too, so I'm hoping for some interesting news from Nintendo. :D

Also, this Tales PS3. ;u; Tales of Xillia PS3

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I would love to see some of your photography! |D
And E3 is tomorrow, really? D: Was it on a later date last year? Because I remember last year school was out and I was eating a grilled cheese flipping through the channels, and I happened upon E3, I didn't even know it was going on. XD;; I remember watching the Sony panel and seeing all the Portal 2 stuff. (which I had no idea about Portal back then, so I was like, "wut"? o3o ) And I missed the Nintendo panel. But I don't want to miss it while I'm at school. ;A;

I can't remember what the date was last year. D: I'm trying to remember what I was doing.. I think I might have come home from school, found the conference and watched it online. I'm not sure. xD; But I couldn't watch Nintendo live this year either since I was at work. I might have taken a couple moments to check Google News to see what was being revealed though. XD
Wii U makes me think of a fire truck. Wii U Wii U Wii U. ovo; -brick'd-

OMG WII U WII U WII U! I did not notice that before but I will always think of that now. That's kind of awesome. |D

I notice dumb things like that. XD

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