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I do this thing where I forget to charge my camera, and then when I go to use my camera, it has no charge. There might be a correlation.

About a week ago I got some very cool Aperture Science attire from the Valve store in the mail! A very very big thank you goes to Shiny_Vulpix for being amazing and middleing the order for me! I probably wouldn't have been able to get them with out your help! :D

I am terrible at find good places with lots of lighting to take pictures of things like this. But there's the jacket and tank top I got! I love them both so much. <3 I wasn't sure about the sizing on the jacket so it's about a size too big, but oh man it is so comfortable. ;u;

Aperture Logo on the back!

Closer up of Aperture logo embroidery on the front. C:

Portal device embroidery on the sleeve. It's so cute. ;v;

These seriously make me wish that cartoon logic applied to real life. Then I could wear them everyday forever, no problem at all. They're both so lovely I'm going to be paranoid about anything happening to them. xD

I also love this 3D pokedex, SHINPORA EVERYWHERE. It will be beautiful.

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I've never cosplayed before either. XD I think if I ever were to though, I'd want like a highly realistic costume of someone like.. Master Chief from Halo. Then no one would know who I was. XD;; But there aren't any cons locally where I am either, they'd be so much fun to attend. D:

Hmm. o3o I've never heard of anything like that happening. Possibly a bad USB drive? I have no idea, but I'd probably avoid it too. xD; But that's good that you got it to work with the card reader and a different USB drive. 8D

Master Chief! I remember when I was at that video games live concert a while back, they had a cosplay contest and I think there were maybe about 10 people in cosplay. I can't remember who they all were, but I remember there was a Link, someone from Kingdom Hearts, and two Master Chiefs. One of the Master Chiefs won the contest, and got a gift bag full of stuff. xD;
I really really want to go to Comic Con someday. All of the stuff from this year sounded so awesome; Neopets panel, Doctor Who panel, Zelda/Nintendo stuff, they even had a LOST panel. And LOST is over. XD; (the producers made a special video and everything it was awesome ;A; ) I think Comic Con might be a bit overwhelming for a first con, though. And the lines to get into the panels are probably terrible. xD;

Yay Master Chief! That's awesome! |D I've only seen pictures online of Halo cosplays, but a lot of them were really good. o3o
I'd love to go to Comic Con someday too, even though I'm kind of terrified of large crowds. xD; But I'd definitely love to go for the Pokemon/Nintendo gatherings. Everything else would just be amazing to see as well though. ;v;

I don't mind crowds too much but knowing me I'd probably end up hopelessly lost and miss all the panels I would want to attend and just hang around and look at all the cosplayers. xD; /has no sense of direction |D;

XD I don't have any sense of direction either. I get lost in malls a lot. |D;

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