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I kind of went on a bit of an online shopping spree before schools starts, and got a couple things to share! 8D

Giratina! ;v; I am so happy to finally have one of these little guys, and he is absolutely perfect. So cute and huggable. I kind of want to bring him everywhere, and introduce myself to people as follows:

not really.

Xenoblade Soundtrack! Which I have fallen in love with, despite not being able to actually play the game. orz;

Four CDs, 91 tracks and almost 5 hours of music. I've been listening to it forever and I love ALL the songs. :'D It has a really nice variety of genres, I will share some tracks~ o3o


I'm adding another one. o3o /brick'd
asld;jhgk;a I have too many favourites. D8

I have one last thing that I'm hoping will get here within the next week, since I move into residence at school in September. ;n;

In other news;

Red ring of death. My Xbox is toast. xD This is actually the third time this has happened, the first two times it was under warranty so we sent it back to Microsoft and they sent us a new one. Looks like we're going to have to get a replacement ourselves this time. 8I Now to decide whether to get one of the old models for cheap that our hard drive and my wonderful Eternal Sonata Chopin cover are compatible with. |D Or get one of the newer models with built in Wi-Fi and should be less likely to fail like this. I couldn't put Chopin back on it though. 8'I
Well, at least I don't have any games I really want to play on it at the moment. Maybe some sort of bundle will come out around the holidays. o3o

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Giratina~ |D I think I'd probably end up freaking people out if I introduced myself with Giratina. XD;
It was kind of a pain to get the CDs. xD; It would be really helpful if there was some kind of video game music download service like itunes~ 8I; But it was still worth it. o3o /hasn't stopped listening to it yet.

I don't think there's much we can do to fix it this time, other then send it off to Microsoft for repair, which we'd have to pay for. D: We have gotten the ring before where it was just a power problem. But we've tried everything and so far nothing's worked. 8I We did find a bundle for an Xbox that came with 5 (I think) free games. Though I think we already have 2 or 3 of them. xD;; We'll probably wait a bit longer before picking one up though.

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