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Portal Cake

Something I made on the weekend. Fun and Delicious~
It was very difficult to get the chocolate bits to stick to the sides. XD

Uh-oh Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they cut it anyway. There's still some left, if you hurry back.

I lied. We ate all the cake. :B

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Thank you! 8D It's all gone now. I should make another one. 8C
And this is kind of random but you mentioned the TARDIS cake which reminded me that I was looking for something online last week and by some crazy random happenstance found a site where I can watch Doctor Who online in Canada! 8D Yay!

Ohmygosh really?? That's so awesome!! 8D I'm assuming you're starting with the 9th doctor? I love him so much. And Rose. alkdjkdsg ;A; But then again I love the 10th doctor as well, and what I've seen of the 11th... -shot-

Also just a warning, sometimes DW episodes can be really really horrendously awful. Like the Slitheen episodes with the 9th doctor are pretty bad and I've heard some people get turned off by those and stop watching early on. Which is sad because then there are the really really awesome episodes that make up for it. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances are probably my favorite episodes from the first series. <3

But let me know how you like it!

Well, the website I found didn't turn out to be as good as I originally thought. orz; It only had 4 episodes from series 1-4 and it did have all of series 6 which I started watching, but now a bunch of them have been taken down. 8I I think I saw the first three episodes of series 6. Wednesday is my best day to watch them, since I don't have class until 7pm the next day. Watch Doctor Who till 2am! |D My class ended up being cancelled today, so I finished watching the Girl Who Waited and started God Complex. |D I really want to get through the last ones that are up, but I don't know how long they'll be there and I don't think I'll have time this weekend. D:

From episodes I have seen I'm really enjoying it so far! 8D A lot of the aliens/monsters really freak me out. 8III;; I love the Doctor though. Would this be the 11th? I still don't know enough. XD;

Aww, that stinks. D: I just finished series 3 and I'm currently starting series 4, but I've been so busy that it looks like it'll be a while before I can catch up. I have all of the series 6 episodes queued up on my DVR because my library obviously doesn't have those yet. xD;;

And yup! You've been watching the 11th doctor, he's the current Doctor who started in series 5. How are you following plot-wise by the way? I've heard series 5 and 6 are really complicated and hard to follow. XD; I've only seen one episode with the 11th Doctor (ironically, I have his version of the screwdriver o3o ) which was Let's Kill Hitler, and I was horribly confused as to what was going on. xD;; I know that after series 4, when Russell T. Davies left as the head director, Stephen Moffat took over for series 5 and changed a lot around with the show. I don't know how the Original!Who was, but series 1-4 of New!Who were mostly individual stories within each episode, while the most recent series have had an overarching (and complicated) plot. xD;

But I'm glad you're liking it so far! Have you seen any of the Daleks at all? They're the ones that look like killer R2-D2s. I find them really amusing. xD;; But I know that The Silence come up a lot in series 5/6, I haven't seen any of them yet though. o3o

xD I've been checking back to the site every now and then. I made it through the last 5 episodes of series 6 and I notice now they have some episodes up from series two of the 10th doctor. I wonder if they cycle through them but only leave them up for so long? o3o

I'll admit I was lost quite a lot trying to follow the plot exactly, especially in the beginning. But it wasn't enough to make it not enjoyable. (There was also the fact I missed 5 episodes right in the middle that got taken down before I could get to them. XD;; ) I'm still hoping I'll be able to find those sometime in the future to find out what I missed. o3o

I watched a small part of an episode with the 9th Doctor that had a Dalek in it. |D I'm hoping I'll be able to eventually watch more episodes with them to get more of their backstory. o3o The first episode I watched had The Silence in it, but it took me awhile before I realized what the Silence actually was. Derp. XD;;

OH and also the special effects are usually really bad/cheesy. They had a somewhat low budget. xD;
Though the effects get a lot better in series 5 and 6, it seems. xD;

I'm okay with that~ I love cheesy special effects. xD

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