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Portal Cake

Something I made on the weekend. Fun and Delicious~
It was very difficult to get the chocolate bits to stick to the sides. XD

Uh-oh Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they cut it anyway. There's still some left, if you hurry back.

I lied. We ate all the cake. :B

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xD I've been checking back to the site every now and then. I made it through the last 5 episodes of series 6 and I notice now they have some episodes up from series two of the 10th doctor. I wonder if they cycle through them but only leave them up for so long? o3o

I'll admit I was lost quite a lot trying to follow the plot exactly, especially in the beginning. But it wasn't enough to make it not enjoyable. (There was also the fact I missed 5 episodes right in the middle that got taken down before I could get to them. XD;; ) I'm still hoping I'll be able to find those sometime in the future to find out what I missed. o3o

I watched a small part of an episode with the 9th Doctor that had a Dalek in it. |D I'm hoping I'll be able to eventually watch more episodes with them to get more of their backstory. o3o The first episode I watched had The Silence in it, but it took me awhile before I realized what the Silence actually was. Derp. XD;;

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